Sunday, October 2, 2011

Playing Catch-Up: Spooky Creature Inchies

So... I have been super crafty this week. I finished a Halloween scene in a 250 count matchbox, at least 3 ATC's, two inchies, and two new pages in my art journal. Plus I made some new ghosts, I haven't baked them yet so I don't know how translucent they turned out. BUT I am still catching up, so you will have to wait to see any of that. I want to get everything up ASAP so I will probably be doing many posts a week, because in November, I will be powering down on craftiness and amping up on the writing for NaNoWriMo.

Right now I have most swaps done and ready to hang out. I have five and half to do, but many are done and ready to go when partners are assigned (loving senders choice). Once I get all/most of my Halloween swaps in, I will post pics of what I've received. Some really awesome ATC's and inchies so far and a nifty as hell wall hanging.

I am also swapping art outside of swap-bot. A girl I work with (HUGE horror fan, especially Michael Myers) is going to make me a custom pony in exchange for three chibi's for necklaces. Yea!

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Right now my to-do list is as followed:

Finish Art Journal (9-13 pages to go)
Take Photo's for Autumn Challenge 2011
Hunger Games District ATC's 1-3
Zodiac Inchies: Taurus, Virgo & Capricorn
*Make 3 charms for Amber
*Finish Last Train Story

And planned projects:
Art Wall
ATC and Inchie Displays
Panem Art Map
Katniss Wedding/Mocking Jay Dresses (Doll Sized)
Halloween/Cosplay Costume

Spooky Inchie Time! I think I lost my camera and took pictures in low light with my ipod so sorry they are a little fuzzy.

 Spiders and a cat sillouette. Classic 'spooky' creatures.

 Bat and Raven, and a shot of the backing I put all the inchies on. I love the raven. :)

Werewolf silhouette and more bats. Yea Bats!

Zombie chick and spider web. I think this spider web looks awesome. But I'm biased.

Witch and Skeleton. I like drawing skeletons even though they take forever. :)

Well that is my update for today. If things go as planned I will make at least two more entries this week, but I am going to aim for one a day Monday-Friday. Lets see if I can stick to it. Might leave out Thursday because of my hours that day. We'll see.

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