Tuesday, October 4, 2011

More Spooky Catch-Up: Spooky Books!

So here I am for another post of art-catch. Unfortunately today I really can't think of anything else to talk about except it's freaking cold  in here and I am wearing two layers and can't get warm!!! Ah!!!! And I have to take the bus and will be in a box outside working today. Prospects for warming up today, are not looking good. On to Spooky Books!!

So I made three Spooky books for the Tiny Halloween Swap, 13 Days of Halloween Swap, and candyLESS Altered Box Swap. The first one I have pictures of the inside covers and outside covers, the second two, one has a plain inside cover, the other I never took a picture of  for some reason... :)


Book #1

Have I told you how much I LOVE spider webs. Drawing them, watching them. There is a spider out back. I TRIED to take pictures of it's GORGEOUS and massive web but all I had for a background was off-white siding and a cloudy sky. It was barely visible to my eyes, and my camera couldn't catch a bit of it :/

Book #2

Book #3

Okey dokey! There are all my spooky books. I have to remember to make my girlfriend one. I might make one for my friend at work too, to go with her charms. :)

Now I need to go kindly e-mail/message people in my swaps that haven't sent yet.

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