Thursday, October 6, 2011

Scouts and Catch-Up: Zombies!

So okay, I am going to have a busy weekend. Tomorrow morning/afternoon will be my 'down-time'. I will be doing laundry, finishing my last train story, working on clay projects, and planning things for scouts. We have a Harry Potter Encampment for scouts on October 21st-23rd. Me and my co-leader volunteered to help run sessions. I will be teaching tea leaves, she will be teaching about werewolves, and we are both teaching Quidditch. I have never helped with a community event that wasn't planned by my family, but it will be okay. We are also going to be in costume. She is dressing as Lupin, I will be Trelawny. Woot! :)

I will be making a costume, and I will share some of the stuff I come up with in case anyone is interested in stuff for kids :)

So, here for my 'catch-up' series is a 'Zombie Fashion Magazine' I made for a fashion photo shoot swap. I think it turned out really cute, enjoy.


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