Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Commission Clay!

So yea, my first ever commission, very exciting.

So a friend of mine from work got married October 31st, her and her now hubby are both huge horror movie aficionados  (I spelled that seriously wrong the first time) and so are many of their friends so I made custom Michael Myers (from Halloween) for the Bridesmaids/Groomsmen to wear and a Slimer (Ghost Busters) and Freddy Krueger (Nightmare on Elm St.)

I can't find all my pictures for some reason so here is everything that I have! I will ask if I can use her wedding Photo's to show off at least the MM in use on their bouquets!

Here is my cat Doodles invading my work space because any surface is made for cats....

Freddy WIP, his head on a pike so I could apply his scars and red flesh tone.

Freddy no arms! Much less frightening!

Finished Freddy. This picture does not do him justice. He was by far my favorite even though he took about 8hrs to make start to finish. I think he turned out the best and he was surprisingly relaxing to make. He is made from Sculpy clay with wires in his claws for support (so they don't snap off), pastels on his face to add red to his skin tone and sealed with Sculpy brand glaze.

This is finished Slimer, I couldn't find and WIP pics of him. He was a little difficult to make because how do you make an oozy non corporeal ghost out of clay? Well I think I made him look pretty Oozy. He is 100% Sculpy clay with Sculpy brand glaze to seal him. He took about 4-5

Here are the MM without hair, knives, and masks, they still look creepy. One of my scouts said they look like Slendermen, I kind of agree. Short, squashy Slendermen.

Finished MM, they are also made out Sculpy with wire to support the knives and hooks on the top to attach them to the bouquets/boutineers/ect and sealed with Sculpy brand sealer. These guys took about an hour to make.

So overall I had lots of fun, she wants me to a Pyramid Head now, I have to figure out how to make him not tip over because he will be top heavy. I may have to anchor him to a stand if I can't figure it out otherwise. I think in my spare time I might make some clay people and list them on etsy or something because, well it was a lot of fun. :)

Friday, January 4, 2013

Iplehouse Asa... FayeFaye?

So I am lazy and haven't posted here in a million years (okay ten months) and I will try to post something more often including some nifty things I have made. Today's post is a box opening for my JID Asa, who is supposed to embody my long standing character Faye, or FayeFaye by those who love her most.

When I opened her box, I didn't feel any sort of immediate connection (not the first time that has happened) and in fact felt disappointment. Part of me wanted to sell her immediately but I went back and tried clothing on her, and if I decide to keep her I will probably get her a new face-up, some tatoo's and her ears modded into elvish ears. So right now she is on a...trial of sorts. Hopefully she will stay, if not she will have to go off to a new home.

Here is my box of dolly Goodness!

The audience

Weapon of choice
 Celebritory music via Pandora!
 I couldn't figure out how to open the box without cutting it so....
 Emegerd Eplehewse bex!

Stuff! (Postcard, certificate and restringing directions)
 I see a face! Sort of... I see a wig...
 Extras... High heel feet, sweater dress, shirt, and stockings.
 Why Hello there!
 Close-up of the face... Lovely!
 Out of the box.... Okay this wig is really big, don't think it is the right size... o0

At this point I stopped taking pictures and made my sad little Facebook post. I went back later and took pictures of FayeFaye in almost ever outfit that would fit her (she hated almost everything...) But she did decide to give me commentary, I will take that as a good thing...

 Faye: This dress doesn't even close in the back.
Me: Well it is because... you have gigantic boobs
Me: I mean it was meant for Midori so... in comparison...
Faye: Alright point taken
Midori: Should I be offended?
Faye & Me: No

 Faye: This cloak is nice...
Me: It is Veryes', you can't keep it...
Faye: Tease...

 Faye: Okay this hair is too big I give up on it.
Me: Okay, what about the clothes?
 Faye: Okay I don't think White is really my color...
Me: Well it is kind of elvish...
Faye: Still not my color...

 Faye: Really? Strawberries...
Me: Sorry...

 Faye: Okay, maybe I can do white, this isn't so bad
Me: You look really great Icelore would love it!
Faye: Where is Icelore?
Me:.... Moving on!

Faye: This is so bright it is blinding me!
Me: Ditto...

Faye: This looks nice on me
Me: You can't walk around in that, you don't even have the bottoms on
Faye: Then maybe you should stop taking pictures now.
Me... ><

Faye: Okay I would wear this top with some jeans, but the skirt is a no go.
Me: I will see what I can do...

Faye: This isn't so bad, a little odd in the shoulder...
Me: It was a pattern test, sorry!

Faye: Are we done yet?
Me: Almost... I will take that as a no...
Faye: Yea...

Faye: Why are the skulls upside down?
Me: No clue!

And when putting her in my dolly cabinet I remember she needed to try on the two pairs of faerie wings I have because she is half faerie!
Me: Okay here are two pair, try them on we can keep the ones you like the most.
Faye: Sounds fair
Pair number one... 

 And... pair number two!

 Me: Which one do you like the most? 
Faye: I don't know yet.
Me: Keeping them both it is!

Here is FayeFaye, chilling in my dolly cabinet. The final outfit she chose was the skull sweater over the pink dress (to look like a skirt), the pink and black stockings and some shoes she stole from Midori (it is okay they require high heel feet which Midori does not have). She also claimed the small plushie I have saved five years for her and a can of Moutain Dew to drink (it is okay, no one else drinks it).

Faye: If you want me to stay I need hair that fits
Me: Yes M'am
Faye: And the right color eyes, my eyes are blue
Me: Yes M'am
Faye: And you never told me where Icelore is...
Me: Look at the time, got to go!

Thanks for viewing!