Monday, March 5, 2012

Art Lull and Hunger Games Nail Polish Giveaway!!!

So I am in an art lull, I have one project I am working on, sort of, my depression is really inhibiting me more them ever, but as soon as I can get the nerve to get over this phone anxiety I am having, I will make an appointment. And call AT&T about my phone.

On the bright side the Hunger Games Movie comes out this month, Suzzane Collins has given it her thumbs up, she says it gives a wider look on the games, more then the books could show, but still keeps true to the essence of the book, so... I am excited!

Also, this blog Holly and Polish that I discovered via Dark Heart Design. This lovely blogger lady is giving away the awesome new Hunger Games nail polish collection. Ironic because Katniss doesn't care for such things but I like my nails looking pretty when I kick butt so... I want it! I shouldn't be encouraging you to enter (less entries = a better chance for me) but that would be really mean not to share.

So... if you are interested go here, watch her blog, and fill out the survey, and share with me if you win (j/k unless you know you REALLY want to).

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Craft books and a BRAIN!

So I just bought a craft book for ATC's Artist Trading Card Workshop on sale today at AC Moore. It has some really great and creative ideas that would work for other things as well but they make GREAT little tiny ATC projects. Seriously some BOSS ATC's. After watched a very potter musical, I seem prone to be using the word 'boss'.

There is another book that I want Surface Treatment Workshop that has some AWESOME mixed media texniques in it. I am currently using my B&N gift card and free shipping for members to buy it as we speak.

Only down side? I don't have the money to go buy all of the supplies I need to try these awesome techniques. I am seriously thinking craft store gift cards for my birthday. Seriously.

On the bright side besides my books I will be oogling, I finished  my brain I was making for my best friend Jessie. It looks awesome, she loves it, and I think I will let the picture speak for itself.

See? Awesome.

I think I am going to make up a few projects I owe people and maybe do some simple cross-stitch.

I think depression is inhibiting me to the point I can't stand it anymore, I just want to stand up and scream, so I will be going back to the doctors very soon. I miss feeling enthused about everything I enjoy doing which is a lot.

Oh, and I am totally getting this book to Mini Cross-Stitch

Sunday, January 22, 2012

An experiment in control and perservernce

Okay, so me and my girlfriend have a comic together. Sort of. When we met in high school we meshed our ideas together to create one big story world that turned into stories, role plays and comics. It started as an accident, and other people got involved, friends had characters in there to. We had notebooks filled with letters and stories although I regretfully threw them away (so what if many were illegible, who cares).

Oh and in high school, they were filled with cliches, Mary Sues and Gary Stu's and many other cringe worthy story crimes, but it was our story. We decided to make it a comic. It went through many attempts and incarnations, I think five or six. Over the years the story grew and changed, characters were added, many were trimmed  (and good riddens) and all of the characters 'donated' by friends were almost all removed.

Every time we would start the comic it would be great. Excitement, joy, and teamwork. Untill it ended up being a story she wrote, and I edited, I felt like I was having to compromise the essence of my characters, she felt pressured and stressed. We always did things relatively the same way and I wanted to try a different approach, she never did.

Now she has apparently discovered the joy of what I have been saying all along, and wants to try planning my way, which means we both work together and build a story brick by brick. I lay one, she lays one. Sounds good? That means planning seesions, sketches, character bio's, story boarding, and yes, plotting! Ah that is the writers word for planning, my best friend and worst enemy, but I shall embrace you and we shall make sweet comic babies!

Right? I hope so because over the years this story meant a lot to a lot of people, but it meant a lot to me especially, and after crushing disappointment time and time again (I was never the first to call it quits or stop production ) I hope people can see why I was very, very hesitant to proceed this time. But everything looked good, clear sky, calm water. But no matter how much I want it and no matter how much I cry (and there would be crying) if this does not work, I will not, no matter what, try again.

I am all for trying again and again and again and again, but I cannot work with someone who is not being honest with what they want and what they are doing, with someone who constantly wants to quit or throw away good work because it's not 'good enough' or someone who won't work with me instead of against me. I may not be easy to work with all the times, but I am rarely the first one to try to throw in the towel, I am stubborn and will keep going to prove I can.

We have the story. We have the talent (she's the artist, we are both writers). But do we have the perserverence to make it work? Do we have the control to balance our ideas and make the story come to life?

I'll let you know, and hope the answer is yes.

((Note: I originally titled this 'An experiment in Control and Art, but then I saw this is what I was really talking about'))

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Lazy Blogger is Lazy...

It is true. So very, very true. I haven't been up to much, work, playing Harry Potter Lego's on the Wii, and Girl Scout stuff. I haven't made a lot of art, just a few Christmas presents, one of which the pictures mysteriously vanished of, when I find them, I will upload them. I also have a few things to make up, which I plan to do this month.

I am currently working on a really tough cross-stitch for my best friends birthday. It is a super pain in the butt but I know she will love it and appreciate it. I will upload pics when I am done.

This month my girl friend promised that we would make time do something we haven't done in a while, photograph the dollies, I am super excited! Yea, they want to come out and be FREE!

And since I feel like my blog is naked, without adding a picture, here is a photo I took at camp of the REALLY foggy morning.

Okay, goodnight!

*Edit* Oh yea, working on a semi-top secret project with my partner in crime. Oh yea!