Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Reading and Catch-Up: Inchies and Matchbox

So the last six months, I've been reading a lot. I've read at least 23 books (not counting the series I read twice, twice). So I think starting on Friday I will talk about some of the books I've read. Maybe that will be a Friday thing, talking about books.  Whoo hoo! Right now I am reading 'Slumdog Millionaire', I will probably finish that today and then will move on to 'A long way gone.' Yea book worm! *wiggles*

In my Halloween Spooktacular group I won the September WTA 'Skully September' which means everyone who signed up has to send me something skully. Yea!

Today should be another easy day at work, and it's nice outside, so yea! Thursday is going to be a long day though. I work 7-4 and have a community meeting for scouts 7-9 and in between I have to go to the post office and find dinner. Fun fun fun. I probably won't have an update Thursday unless I get up early enough.


Today's crafts are two sets of Halloween Inchies and One Halloween Matchbox.

Inchies #1

I like the spider web and the pumpkin the best. I think they look nifty. I don't know if people have a problem with it but I draw most of my inchies rather then use paper and die cuts and stamps. I don't have a lot of those, I am new to paper craft. It is basically a bunch of pretty paper I inherited and that's it. I can also sew inchies, but honestly they take 20-60 minutes depending on how detailed I make them and I reserve to only do them for myself or people who I really like and I know will send me something really nice in return.

Inchies #2

Teeny Tiny cat on a wall. Super cute :)

Halloween Matchbox

First, I apologize for the grainy photo's. These are part of the batch I used my ipod to photograph. Second, this is my first matchbox. It's simple but I like it (shiny spiders). If you can't tell, the green paper has a silver spider web on it. :)

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