Monday, February 28, 2011


I wrote a poem for a swap on swap-bot, I think it turned out ok. I am going to print it out and make it look awesome for my partner (I'll post pictures of course). But for not here is my poem. (I plan to write a matching poem named 'Sun', I'll post it when it is finished).

By Valerie Kessler
The giver of LIFE, Sun is setting.
She is second to none
Even as she drifts beyond the unreachable,
Preparing for slumber.
In the sky, more visible with each ray of darkness,
Soft, and more forgiving then her sister.
On her best days, she catches the light of her sister and shines in back, enough to light our way through the thick darkness.
One her worst days, she is only a shadow, lost in the velvet oblivion, making it seem as if we are alone with only the star children for company.
But we keep faith, and with the tiniest of slivers,
We see her again and are over-joyed, for we always knew she had never left.
Even in the unimaginable,
When her sister, Sun has no life left to give,
When all life has either perished or frozen into eternity,
Moon will still be here, watching all that remains.
As sun rises from her slumber,
And moon fades into the sky,
We forget that she remains always,
Not sleeping, ever watching.

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