Monday, February 21, 2011

Kiwi's Blogger Follower Swap #4 (Etsy Feature #1)

I know the title might seem a little weird, however, it is for a swap on swap bot. :) It has been a busy weekend, and now it is snowing! I haven't had much time to make anything (I am sad because I wanted to make something for my mom, maybe a little belated present).

So since I haven't made anything the past few days, I will feature one of my favorite etsy shops! (Yea Etsy!)

The first Etsy shop, goes in the realms of one of my biggest passions, Asain Ball Jointed Dolls. The Mushroom Peddler, aka Sarah Seiter designs, sculpts, and casts her own ball jointed dolls. I have been watched Sarah on both of her Deviantart accounts for years (she is a very talented artist of many ) and she has an absolutely beautiful eye for making these dolls. The dolls featured in her shop are anthropomorphic dolls. Many of the dolls are 'monthly' (meaning they can only be bought on their particular month of the year) but they are well worth the wait. Featuring adorable, fantastically detailed animals such as a turtle, rat, and cat. The current doll is a wolf. Like most of her dolls, 'Howl' is available in White, or for an additional fee, in a custom painting colors.

These dolls are not for the casual collector, the basic price for Howl is $215.00 USD, but for someone who is willing to spend the expense on them, they a great addition to anyone's home. I really look foreword to having one of her creations in my home to join my other dolls. Even if Sarah's lovely dolls are not in your budget, check out her shop and Deviantart pages: The Mushroom Peddler for doll art and Mystic Unicorn for drawings and paintings.

Disclaimer: This Photo (Howl, blank) is property of Sarah Seiter, The Mushroom Peddler, it was used only for the sole purpose of showing how awesome her work is.

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