Saturday, February 19, 2011


So... apparently I like tiny art. I joined a site called swap-bot (hello fellow swappers, I know you are out there) where I fell in love with inchies, which are simply 1"x1" pieces of art, the baby sister to twinchies which are 2"x2" pieces of art, the child of ATC's (2 1/2"x3 1/2") and the cousin of matchbox art (taking a a standard 32 count matchbox, or making one and decorating it and filling it with tiny things). There is just something about the challenge of making a 1" piece of art look great. I have tried several methods for making them, and love experimenting with them.

From what I have seen, cutting and layers various paper, pictures, quotes, stickers, and embellishments. It is like making a tiny collage or scrapbook. I haven't made too many of these (outside of using stickers)because I lack a lot of pretty paper and embellishments (although I here my mom has been holding out on me).

I enjoy doing drawn inchies, it's really fun to try and fit a complete drawing in that tiny space. I have also (for a swap) drawn a large picture and cut it up into inchies (forgot to take a picture though). That swap was a pain because I kept loosing the inchies and thoughts I would have to start over.

Now my favorite inchies, are (of course) the ones that take the longest. I take my cardboard inchie base and wrap fabric over it, and embellish with other fabric, ribbons, buttons, and beads. These take at least fifteen minutes, and up to an hour to make (not including drying time). I have also seen cross-stitched inchies but have yet to try them, maybe in the future.

And now for your viewing pleasure... some of my inchies!

Well I hope you like them, the 'Starry Night' inchies are my favorite (second to last picture). Next time I feature inchies (which I will because I love them) I will show off some of the ones others have made for me.

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