Monday, March 5, 2012

Art Lull and Hunger Games Nail Polish Giveaway!!!

So I am in an art lull, I have one project I am working on, sort of, my depression is really inhibiting me more them ever, but as soon as I can get the nerve to get over this phone anxiety I am having, I will make an appointment. And call AT&T about my phone.

On the bright side the Hunger Games Movie comes out this month, Suzzane Collins has given it her thumbs up, she says it gives a wider look on the games, more then the books could show, but still keeps true to the essence of the book, so... I am excited!

Also, this blog Holly and Polish that I discovered via Dark Heart Design. This lovely blogger lady is giving away the awesome new Hunger Games nail polish collection. Ironic because Katniss doesn't care for such things but I like my nails looking pretty when I kick butt so... I want it! I shouldn't be encouraging you to enter (less entries = a better chance for me) but that would be really mean not to share.

So... if you are interested go here, watch her blog, and fill out the survey, and share with me if you win (j/k unless you know you REALLY want to).

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