Sunday, January 15, 2012

Lazy Blogger is Lazy...

It is true. So very, very true. I haven't been up to much, work, playing Harry Potter Lego's on the Wii, and Girl Scout stuff. I haven't made a lot of art, just a few Christmas presents, one of which the pictures mysteriously vanished of, when I find them, I will upload them. I also have a few things to make up, which I plan to do this month.

I am currently working on a really tough cross-stitch for my best friends birthday. It is a super pain in the butt but I know she will love it and appreciate it. I will upload pics when I am done.

This month my girl friend promised that we would make time do something we haven't done in a while, photograph the dollies, I am super excited! Yea, they want to come out and be FREE!

And since I feel like my blog is naked, without adding a picture, here is a photo I took at camp of the REALLY foggy morning.

Okay, goodnight!

*Edit* Oh yea, working on a semi-top secret project with my partner in crime. Oh yea!

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