Thursday, February 2, 2012

Craft books and a BRAIN!

So I just bought a craft book for ATC's Artist Trading Card Workshop on sale today at AC Moore. It has some really great and creative ideas that would work for other things as well but they make GREAT little tiny ATC projects. Seriously some BOSS ATC's. After watched a very potter musical, I seem prone to be using the word 'boss'.

There is another book that I want Surface Treatment Workshop that has some AWESOME mixed media texniques in it. I am currently using my B&N gift card and free shipping for members to buy it as we speak.

Only down side? I don't have the money to go buy all of the supplies I need to try these awesome techniques. I am seriously thinking craft store gift cards for my birthday. Seriously.

On the bright side besides my books I will be oogling, I finished  my brain I was making for my best friend Jessie. It looks awesome, she loves it, and I think I will let the picture speak for itself.

See? Awesome.

I think I am going to make up a few projects I owe people and maybe do some simple cross-stitch.

I think depression is inhibiting me to the point I can't stand it anymore, I just want to stand up and scream, so I will be going back to the doctors very soon. I miss feeling enthused about everything I enjoy doing which is a lot.

Oh, and I am totally getting this book to Mini Cross-Stitch

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