Monday, March 21, 2011

The Sun...

So... life has been pretty crazy lately, work has been giving me a lot of hours lately so not as much time to craft. but I am working on/have finished a few things lately and will upload some pictures soon, mostly inchies and ATC's. I will also take pictures of things that I have received so I an show them off.

I've got a least one project coming up (for a swap, it's a bit one). It's a fashion photo shoot, and it can be ANY type of fashion, and I have a few ideas rolling around  so we will see how it goes. I also hope to get a table in the Artist Alley at Otakon, and if I do I will be working with my sister and best friend to do clay charms, clay food and props for dolls, and and buttons as well as solo stuff like ATC's, stickers and doll clothes, so yay.

But here is the other poem I wrote to go with my moon poem, enjoy.
By Valerie Kessler

The guardian of all, Moon,
Forever watching us she drifts into the background
As the last rays of darkness fade

Softly the colors creep as Sun rises from her slumber
Peering over the unreachable,
Showering beams of life on all things living and not,
She warms our skin, and encourages things to grow.

But Sun is fickle.
She bears down heavily on some places, scorching the earth,
And scarcely touches others, leaving them locked in ice. 
Sometimes she burns our flesh when we bask in her glory to long,
And other times she hides behind the clouds, leaving us to shiver.

But we still love her for she gives her very life to us.
So will continue to rejoice at her presence,
And to forgive her when she has hurt us.

For an eternity before us and an eternity after us,
Sun has given life and warmth
But in the unimaginable, when all her life is gone and she has nothing left to give
And all that remains is her dim shell
We will weep, for it means the end of us as well.

But until then, we will continue on,
Watching her, loving her as she rises and then after her days work, falls,
Slipping into slumber as the velvet darkness over takes over her bright farewell
And Moon drifts into view to watch us as we to, sleep.

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