Monday, March 28, 2011

Etsy Feature #2 (Review)

I don't know if I said this before but I do want to do features of Etsy store owners and probably people on Deviantart as well as other artist I come across. Now if I have any features marked as 'review' that means that I have bought from them and can give you my opinion on their products in person. I like to keep things positive so unless I find someone selling copied/bootlegged art or unsafe/misleading products, ect I am going to keep my showcase of artist and shops positive.  I also will feature some of my feature bloggers, both crafty bloggers and non-crafty bloggers.

If you have a blog/shop/artist (be yourself or someone else ) you are welcome to email me ( please send me a link, give me your favorite piece of art/item, and why you think I should feature them.

I consider this to be a predominately art blog, and I (obviously) consider writing an art form. I may start posting reviews of books I have read, and maybe even put together lists of music that inspire me through a certain piece. If you have any feelings on this, let me know.

In case anyone cares, I plan to do Script Frenzy in April (you can find me here). But I am not totally prepared and nervous about writing in a movie format. But we shall see how that goes.... You an also expect more pictures of inchies and atc's I have been working on as well as the long promised pics of things I have received from swap-bot.

Now I think that is everything now on to my etsy feature!


I remembers around this time last year that my sister mentioned wanting a sturdy, blank book to use. Well a few months later I put out an alchemy (custom item) request on Etsy. My request was for a fairy/faerie that looked like my sister (dark curly hair, freckles, glasses) blue wings, and sitting with two hedgehogs (I posted a picture of them). About nine (I think) artist that responded, and they were all very awesome and talented. But I eventually decided to go with rachelrolseth. Rachel Rolseth was extremely pleasant, she was wonderful, nice and kept great communication the entire time, all very professional. She painted a beautiful image on a big study sketchbook and sealed it. It was all very worth everything I paid for it (although it had to be Christmas present, we pitched in for a laptop for my sisters birthday).

Here is the notebook, doesn't it look super cute?

Rachel's style of artwork I find to be very unique, she uses a lot of muted and neutral color and uses crows and ravens very frequently in many of her works. Overall I think she is a very talents artist, you should all hop over there are check her out, she also has a website here where you can see her gallery, blog, and other stuff.  Now for a few of my favorite pieces she has currently available.

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